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We believe in providing customized service based on the business and tax needs of each client.

Some of the services that we provide can be found below.


We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the specific accounting needs of your business.

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Business and tax consulting

With over 40 years of business and consulting experience, we are able to work with you to strategically achieve your business objectives. We believe in building strong relationships and aim to get a deeper understanding of your business. We can provide operational reviews, assist with asset/cash management decisions, assist with buying or selling of your business.

Compilation and Review engagements

We prepare reliable and trusted financial statements based on the needs and scope of each client. Service levels include:


Review engagements:

These financial statements provide users with "negative assurance" that nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the financial statements are not presented fairly. Our team ensures that reviewed financial statements are in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.


Notice to Reader engagements:

These financial statements are prepared when no level of assurance is required by a client. They are a professional set of statements that can be used by management to make important business decisions, understand the business's financial position or obtain financing from financial institutions or investors.


Personal and Corporate tax planning and filing

We work hard to provide you with up to date and knowledgeable services that will help you save taxes and maximise your profitability. From personal to corporate taxes, we ensure that you are in compliance with changes in complex tax laws and are taking advantage of benefits available to you.

Bookkeeping services

This service includes the following:

Monthly data entry and production of various monthly reports that will help you understand and analyze your business growth.


Completion and filing of GST and PST returns.


Payroll for employees and owner managers including completion and filing of payroll remittances.

Trust and estate returns

We provide T3 tax return filings for both testementary and inter vivos trusts.


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